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    Hi and welcome! I'm jenny (obvi) and i'm so happy you're here. i am a portrait and wedding photographer in columbus, ohio. my absolute favorite thing to photograph is love. couples in love, new mommies and daddies in love with their newest bundle of joy, brides and grooms in love about to walk down the aisle. anything involving love. who doesnt love love, right?

    here on the blog you'll find some of my favorite images from recent sessions and weddings of my clients, family and friends. you'll also probably find some personal posts from our large family get togethers or cute pictures of my dogs. because i love my dogs. a lot.

    so sit back, enjoy. if you see something you like, leave me a comment to let me know. much love!

    << this photo by the amazing bobbi+mike

God Bless Savannah | Savvy’s Baptism

Our sweet, beautiful angel baby was welcomed into the Catholic faith this past Sunday, August 7, 2016. It was such a special and emotional day for me. And so wonderful that all of Savvy’s grandparents were able to be there, and two of her great grandparents were able to be there. And almost all of her aunts and uncles and cousins. She was surrounded by so much love, it was amazing.
columbus-oh-baby-photography-001columbus-oh-baby-photography-002columbus-oh-baby-photography-003columbus-oh-baby-photography-004The baptism was after mass and savvy was such a good girl during mass. She usually is even tho it overlaps with her nap time. She was so good for the actual baptism too, although she was tired and hungry. She didn’t even flinch when that cold holy water hit her head. I thought for sure she would cry. She watched the deacon so intently as he was talking, like she was really taking in everything he was saying.columbus-oh-baby-photography-005columbus-oh-baby-photography-006columbus-oh-baby-photography-007columbus-oh-baby-photography-008columbus-oh-baby-photography-009columbus-oh-baby-photography-010columbus-oh-baby-photography-011columbus-oh-baby-photography-012columbus-oh-baby-photography-013columbus-oh-baby-photography-014columbus-oh-baby-photography-015columbus-oh-baby-photography-016 (1)columbus-oh-baby-photography-017 (1)columbus-oh-baby-photography-018 (1)columbus-oh-baby-photography-019columbus-oh-baby-photography-020columbus-oh-baby-photography-021columbus-oh-baby-photography-022columbus-oh-baby-photography-023

May God bless you, my sweet Savannah.

Megan D - OMG!!! Her bird cage veil!!! I’m obsessed!! And I love your dress Jenny!! You guys look amazing!!! xoxoxoxooxoxoxoxo

Melanie - OMG how perfectly sweet. You all are beautiful. And Mandy’s crutches Bahahha. Poor mama!

Maryann Barnes - Beautiful pics of a beautiful baby on a most sacred day..

savvy | 6 months | columbus ohio baby photography

6 months. 26 weeks. Half of a year. I can’t believe how fast its flown by. Our girl is beautiful and happy and healthy. She smiles all the time and laughs at Molly the most. She lovessssss her daddy and lights up whenever she sees him. I can’t stop with the photo taking. as much as i try. and this post is chock full of photos. i tried to narrow it down, really i did. But, she’s too cute. I started off with some 4th of july photos since i didn’t do a 5 month blog post. I’ll probably post another blog early next week with her official stats (we go to the doctor tomorrow) and more photos of course since she gets baptized on Sunday. Things are good around here, tho not always easy. She’s spoiling us tho, i know not all babies are as easy as she is right now. I know it will change, so we’re enjoying this calm before the next storm. 5Y0A00065Y0A00165Y0A00195Y0A01945Y0A02355Y0A0240she still can’t roll back to belly yet. but she triesssss. so i have a lot of photos of her like this. half way there. lol5Y0A0503she discovered the dogs a little while ago and ever since then, she loves to watch them. we’ll sit outside and watch daddy play w molly and her head goes back and forth like she’s at a tennis match as molly fetches and retrieves. if molly shakes or scratches her ears and savvy can see her, she busts up laughing. and she always reaches for them if they’re nearby.5Y0A05385Y0A08915Y0A09145Y0A0917i’m pretty smitten. 5Y0A0929with that face, how can you not be?5Y0A1101i recently got her these Zoli teethers at the suggestion of some of the moms in a group i’m in… she LOVES it. 5Y0A1146this is her crazy baby face. its so funny. 5Y0A11655Y0A12405Y0A13175Y0A13335Y0A14145Y0A14815Y0A1536she loves to touch our faces. if you follow me on snapchat, you’ll see that sometimes. she always grabs my nose or touches my lips when i sing to her at bedtime. 5Y0A16855Y0A1688we got to have a pool day at megans house last week. she did not like the raft i got her, but she enjoyed the pool if i was holding her, or if she was sunning herself on that blue raft. lol5Y0A16895Y0A17785Y0A17865Y0A1828Right now she still sleeps in her sleep suit at night but no longer for naps. she’s growing out of it and i don’t want to buy another one so, we’re trying to get her used to sleeping without it. and she loves her Bunbun that she sleeps with always. she’s a great little sleeper, goes down at 7 and sleeps til around 615. She is still taking three naps a day and we put her down awake, she’ll babble and blow raspberries for a bit before she falls asleep. She’s a champ at putting herself to sleep. 5Y0A18395Y0A1925she caught me sneaking pics of daddy doing the bedtime routine.5Y0A19545Y0A1957haha she loves this new elephant pillow we got her. its so soft and cuddly and i kinda want it for myself.5Y0A19765Y0A19805Y0A1986we tried carrots for the first time last week. she wanted nothing to do with it. not. a. fan. didn’t start well and ended in tears. we tried oatmeal the next morning and she’s doing a little better with that. not sure how a spoon works yet, but she’s getting better and better every day.5Y0A20075Y0A20205Y0A2055anddddd we’re practicing sitting. this is mostly just so mommy can take more photos of her in her adorable outfits. 5Y0A21595Y0A21965Y0A22405Y0A2264her eyes are still blue. we’re still hoping they stay that way. 5Y0A22795Y0A2311and just like that, she was 6 months old. i’d say she’s pretty happy about it. 5Y0A2400

Faye - Ahhhhhh! I seriously can’t handle her cuteness. Can’t wait to show these to Evie. She will flip over the cuteness. And where did the time go. Ahhh! Love you and your sweet little family!

Amy - These are incredible as always! Love the faces you captured. Her clothes are adorbs and she is just the prettiest little girl. Love all of these. And good job getting her to fall asleep on her own. You will thank yourself later! xoxo

Carrie - I can’t even pick a favorite picture because all of them are adorable! She has the sweetest smile and her accessories/outfits are just the cutest! And the sleep thing- you’re doing great! I wish Max still took consistent naps, lol :) happy 6 months!

Mandy - Oemmmmmmmmgeeeeeeeee!!! Just. Stop!!! She is the cutest baby in the world!!!! But seriously, such a beautiful baby girl!!! I love every single one of these pics and I even got choked up when I saw the one of you holding her in the pool. I love you as a mommy, Jenny! You are an amazing mother and you are doing such a wonderful job!!! Kisses and hugs to you all.. Love this family so very much!!!

brian+genny+barrett+grayden | columbus family photography

This team is no stranger to this blog. They come to Ohio from Texas about once a year.. and Brian being an ohio native, there is a list of things they do while they’re in town. Visiting Skyline, Penn Station and Bill’s Donuts are all on that list. Also on that list, having a family photography session done by yours truly! I’m always so excited to get them in front of my camera. Especially since they added Gray to the bunch and i couldn’t wait to get my hands on that little chunky monk. "columbus family photography""columbus baby photography""columbus baby photography""columbus family photography"Gosh bear, i could just eat you up!"columbus family photography""columbus family photography"and can we talk about all of gray’s baby rolls?! love!!"columbus baby photography""columbus family photography""columbus baby photography""columbus baby photography""columbus family photography""columbus baby photography""columbus family photography""columbus family photography""columbus family photography""columbus baby photography""columbus baby photography"i had to include this one. i think its so hilarious. This was how Gray was for a lot of our session. he just wasn’t having the same fun his big brother was. lol




"columbus family photography"


Columbus, OH

brian+genny | together: april 2010 | engaged: march 2011 | married: november 19, 2011 galveston,tx | home now: houston, tx

genny | hometown: houston, tx | assistant principal | favorite food: mexican | 5 words: thoughtful, loving, organized, driving, caring

brian | hometown: centerville, oh | mortgage loan officer  | favorite food: italian | 5 words: comedic, playful, hardworking, loving, dependable

barrett | 3 years | 07.16.13 | bear, monkey, mr man | favorite food: chicken nuggets/corn dogs | 5 words: sweet, silly, fast, talkative, sensitive

grayden | 7 months | 12.23.15 | gray, angel baby | favorite food: sweet potatoes | 5 words: chubby, happy, strong, aggressive, ‘buster’

your perfect family weekend: 

                                                                                                                breakfast out at Barrett’s favorite donut shop.  Taking the kids to the pool and a long walk around the neighborhood so bear can ride his tractor.

favorite bear habit:

giving Grayden hugs and kisses.

favorite gray habit:

big laughs from tickling him

Genevieve Lopardo - Well you have performed another miracle and managed to take the most beautiful pictures with two boys that were having none of it! You have such a way with them and are able to pull out those sweet smiles! Love you so much and appreciate that you preserve our family story in such beautiful pictures! ❤️❤️❤️

kara+rob | columbus maternity photography

I’m so so glad these two decided to do a maternity photography session. Its no secret that i LOVED being pregnant and i think its such a special amazing short time in our lives that i totally think it should be documented (surprise surprise). And i adore these two so much. They love love love each other and are so fun to be around. Kara and Rob got married the same year JJ and i got married and now we’re having babies the same year too! i so can’t wait to meet and snuggle and photograph baby Newbs in a few weeks!!

Heres some of my favorites of beautiful mommy and daddy to be.columbus-maternity-photography-012columbus-maternity-photography-014columbus-maternity-photography-019columbus-maternity-photography-024columbus-maternity-photography-036columbus-maternity-photography-042that belly!! so perfect! pregnancy suits you well, Kara!columbus-maternity-photography-046columbus-maternity-photography-016columbus-maternity-photography-049columbus-maternity-photography-053columbus-maternity-photography-059columbus-maternity-photography-015

kara and rob, thank you guys so much for trusting me to capture this special time in your lives. you’re gonna be amazing parents! i love you both tons and tons and cannot wait to meet that sweet baby boy! xxJBZ


Columbus, OH

kara+rob | engaged 07.21.2011 | married 06.16.2012 | Columbus, OH

how they met, as told by kara: We met through friends in the DC area. After a night of casual conversation at a Super Bowl party in February 2007, we left at the same time, and I said, “thanks for having us!”

Although I was mortified at the time, I guess I knew deep down we’d end up together because by May 2007 we were dating and the rest of history:)

kara | hometown: Columbus, Ohio | Regulatory Counsel | 5 words (as described by rob): funny, determined, thoughtful, fast-walker, loyal

rob | hometown: Oklahoma City, OK | Director, Towers Watson | 5 words (as described by kara): generous, hard working, reliable (i wanted loyal but rob beat me to it :)) loving, athletic

Baby Newbs | due august 2016

 pregnancy cravings: none right now; at the beginning i wanted everything tomato-based (pizza, pasta…)

pregnancy challenges: Things have gone pretty well (knock on wood!) The biggest challenge has probably been having to slow down a bit.

most excited about: Holding our baby boy!

most nervous about: Keeping him alive!:)

Mary - oh what a sweet couple! love the ones of them laying in the grass! don’t be nervous about keeping him alive, its easy when they’re little! congrats to the mom and dad to be! can’t wait to see photos of their sweet baby!

Kim - can’t wait to see pics of baby Newbs! he’ll be here so soon! love love these photos, i see the Main Street bridge! fun that you had wedding photos there and now maternity photos!

Megan D - Looooove!!! This is the cutest couple. Her bump is perfection!! And you know I LOVE these locations!! Perfect job as always JBZ! xoxoxo

Kay Marshall - Great pictures of a great couple… soon to be a great family of three! Love you all!

Stephany Nelson - I love these and I wish I was closer to see all these beautiful friends having babies!! I am so glad you are there to take pictures of all these memories Jenny! 😘
Kara looks amazing, can’t believe it’s almost August!

Aunt Beth & Uncle Tom! - Dear Kara and Rob and Little One . . . we can only
smile in wonder and know the time is coming soon,
though sometimes it seems like forever??!! You both
look wonderful, AND all aglow :O)

We’ll be thinking of you, as always, could not be
more excited for you both, and your families.
Exciting times, Kiddoes!!!

We love you, you’re in our thoughts and prayers always . . .

Aunt Beth and Uncle Tom

UNCLE HOWARD AND AUNT ANNE - Kara and Rob! Great pic’s, both of you and especially the “three” of you.

Kara: all of us- Anne, Marc, Scottie, Kevin, Scott and I enjoyed dinner with you and your parents. The boys really enjoyed being with you.

Take good care, both of you and we are also waiting to hear the great “bundle” of news.

Uncle H and Aunt Anne

baby Kellan | 5 weeks old | columbus ohio newborn photography

Everyone knows how much i love babies, snuggling them, photographing them, sniffing their sweet heads. So, i’m ALWAYS pumped to hear when families i’ve photographed are growing by a tiny human. I was over the moon when Christin contacted me to let me know they were expecting and then even more so when i got the news that baby Kellan was here (early of course, just like his big sis). He spent some time in the NICU but he’s home and perfect and beautiful and healthy. I couldn’t get enough of this sweet boy. And his big sis (who you might remember from this session!) is pretty smitten with him i think.

columbus-newborn-photography-005acolumbus-newborn-photography-018columbus-newborn-photography-022columbus-newborn-photography-028columbus-newborn-photography-032oh those tiny toes and fingers… swoon.. the baby fever was real, friends. columbus-newborn-photography-039columbus-newborn-photography-042columbus-newborn-photography-046columbus-newborn-photography-054columbus-newborn-photography-068columbus-newborn-photography-092columbus-newborn-photography-079

christin+kyle, thank you guys so much for trusting me to capture these sweet moments! Your kids are just the best and i adore you all! Hope you’re all getting lots of rest! big love! xxJBZ



Columbus, OH

christin+kyle | engaged: 10.13.06 | married 9 years | 08.18.2007 | home now: columbus, oh

christin | hometown: canton, ohio | Manager, Marketing Communications | 5 words (as described by kyle) : loving, kind, beautiful, loyal, selfless

kyle | hometown: tallmadge, oregon |Regional Sales Manager | 5 words (as described by christin): loving, patient, handsome, loyal, kind

katelynn |5 | kate | energetic, kind, smart, silly, “the negotiator”

kellan | 5 weeks | may 25, 2016 | 5 lbs, 12 oz, 19 in | chill, giggly, smiley, cuddly, dad’s twin

how did big sister kate react to having a new brother:

We revealed to her that she was going to be a big sister by buying and reading her the book “Big Sisters are the Best” by Fran Manushkin.

On the last page, which shows a family of four, we wrote “Congratulations, Katelynn – you’re going to be a big sister this summer!”

Her reaction: “Our mom has a baby in her belly? I knew it! Oh, I’m so happy – I have wanted a sibling my whole life!”

tell us a little about your birth story:

Just like his sister, Kellan was an early bird. He arrived five and a half weeks early (two weeks earlier than Kate arrived). Because he was so early, he spent some time in the NICU and we took him home four weeks later.

It wasn’t exactly the start we all envisioned, but we’re grateful for the extra time with him and that he’s a healthy, happy little boy.

The whole family is enjoying him to the fullest – especially big sister Kate!

what ‘must haves’ should expecting moms make sure to have in their hospital bag?

Don’t overpack. A bag of toiletries and a going home outfit are enough. Everything else you can get at the hospital. And pack your bag EARLY.

With Katelynn arriving early, I never got the chance to pack a bag. With Kellan, I packed super early, but just barely before his unexpected arrival.

most helpful baby product or shower gift:

First baby: Itzbeen Baby Care Timer (nowadays, they have apps that do the exact same thing)

Second baby: Dr. Brown’s natural flow bottles
Both babies: Medela quick steam bags; BOB Revolution stroller

best piece of advice given to you:

Don’t be afraid to ask for help.

best piece of mommy/daddy advice to others:

Live in the moment and remember that everything is temporary – both the good and the bad. 

Faye - I’m melting over this session! You can tell how much all three love this new sweet boy! Love the light on this session and your still rocking those baby whisperer skills (as you always have)!!!!!

Natalie - What a sweet, adorable new baby boy!! Those detail shots are AMAZING!!! Adore them all!

Kendra - I can’t stop looking at the toe shot! Those little feet are so perfect and adorable! Umm can we talk about mom she looks amazing!!! Great session!! I love every single image

Caitlynn - Dying over this family. His precious little toes! Oh my! Especially love that black and white one of the whole family on the bed. Gorgeous work, Jenny!

Laura - ADORABLE!!!! If you feel like traveling to South Dakota this December, I’d love for you to photograph our new family of four!! 😀

meggie D - AHHHaahhhhhAAAHHHHHH!!!!! These photos. You are SO GOOD posing newborns. It’s one of my (many) fave things that you do. And that black and white of them on the bed is perfection. Great job as always friend. You’re the best. xoxooxoxoxoxo