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Meet Jenna and Sam.. One of the cutest couples ever and this is one of my most favorite engagement photography sessions ever. Jenna is another one of my former cheerleaders that I used to coach. And since then I’ve photographed her family a number of times over the years. And I CANNOT wait to photograph their wedding coming up in just under 2 weeks! These two laughed thru pretty much their entire session and it was easy to see they were made for each other. And I got to meet their two sweet pups, Snow and Cash, both of whom I just wanted to take home with me, the big sweeties!

Enjoy my faves from our evening together!!

The serious expression does not come naturally or easily to jenna, she always starts to giggle.. she’s been that way since she was in middle school! but, when she nails it, ugh, stunnnnnning!

we went to one of my favorite spots and the light was just gorgeous. I loved how it kept lighting up Jenna’s hair! the wind cooperated that day too and kept lifting her hair in just the most perfect way. this is one of my most favorite photos, look at how they smile at each other! Melt!

jenna and sam, I adore you both and cannot wait for your big day. I’m so so excited! give your pups some lovins for me! xxJBZ

Megan Danser - These are gorrrrrrrrgeous!!!! One of my fave sessions!!! These two are adorable! So many faves it’s impossible to pick just one. But that one under the second black and white might be winning. Gorgeous job as always! xoxo

Jake Stanley - Gorgeous shots of a lovely couple. I love the lighting and post processing. Great work, JENNY BARNES. JENNY BARNES. JENNY BARNES. JENNY BARNES. JENNY BARNES. JENNY BARNES. JENNY BARNES.

Terry Ratliff - Sam, have known you forever and watched you grow up into a wonderful young man. I see how you and Jenna look at each other… You’ve weathered some tough times and come through them. God bless you both and give youany years of happiness. These pictures are beautiful and Jenny Barnes did a beautiful layout for you.

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