Meet Jenny

so i’m jenny. my friends call me jb (or newly, jbz). i’m the face behind Jenny Barnes Photography and i’m so glad you’ve stopped by. i wont bore you with the ‘i love taking photos’ spiel, because i think thats pretty obvious. But i do wanna let you know that i am a BIG believer in capturing special moments and milestones. I go into every session thinking about how much your grandchildren, your great grandchildren will love finding these portraits someday and being in awe over how much love was captured. we lost my dad way too early so photos are the only way i can see his face anymore. And boy do i LOVE looking at my parents wedding photos, its so fun to go back and see how your family started. And i know it can be hard to get in front of the camera, so i try to make our sessions as fun as i can, and doing it that way, makes the time fly.

and not only do i love photographing people and relationships, i have a lot of other loves.. maybe we have some in common. i love my husband, duh (still weird to say husband as we just got married, yay). i love my dogs, swayze and molly. i love starbucks (white chocolate mocha anyone?) i love chocolate and mac and cheese and all kinds of foods that arent good for me. i love shoes and boots and leg warmers. i love yoga. i love my big crazy loud family. i love warm weather and beaches. and now i’m starting to sound like an ad on a dating site. so, i’ll say this, the best way to get to know me (besides coffee dates) is to follow me on all the social media that i’ve become obsessed with.

so, drop me a line, email, tweet, facebook, whatever floats your boat. i look forward to meeting, chatting, instagramming with you. thanks for stopping by!

much love,


ps.. oh yeah, i hate capital letters and apostrophes. =)