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Raegan Marie – 21 months

Rae is at a fun sweet age. It always takes her a little bit before she warms up to me but she’s definitely aView full post »

Raegan Marie – 18 months

Oh man.. Raegans getting so big… both her and Morgan are growing up so fast and before we know it we’ll haveView full post »

My beautiful nieces.. Allie, Morgan, and Raegan

If you have ever looked at my blog before, it’s no surprise to you that i have 3 of the most beautiful nieces inView full post »

Rae’s 1 year studio pics

the youngest of my 3 beautiful nieces has turned 1. where does the time go? Getting good studio shots of the girls hasView full post »

Look Who’s One!

Baby Rae Rae turned ONE on March 11th.. (i know this is a little late!) Didnt she look soooo cute in her little birthdayView full post »

Raegan – 11 months

So, once again, I got to photograph my gorgeous nieces. Raegan is now 11months old! I cannot believe she’ll be aView full post »

Raegan – 10 months, Morgan – 2 1/2 years

Omg, how cute are my nieces? I know i say this over and over but i just cant help myself. Both girls were in relativelyView full post »

Raegan Marie – 9 months

How is it possible that my baby niece is already 10 months old, well almost, and these pics were dont last month duringView full post »

Raegan Marie – 8 months!

Baby girl Raegan is growing up so fast! She’s already 8 months old!!! I can never get over her adorable littleView full post »

Raegan Marie – 6 months!

Its hard to believe but my gorgeous niece is already 6 months old! And so full of smiles!!! stay tuned for some of theView full post »

Raegan Marie – 4 months

Baby Raegan is 4 months old! I cant believe how big she’s getting and still super smiley! She’s our littleView full post »

Raegan Marie – 3 months!

Baby Raegan, one of my three gorgeous nieces as you well know, is already 3 months old! She’s at this super cuteView full post »

Raegan Marie – 2 months!

So i’m so late it posting beautiful baby Raegans two month pics that even tonight, i just finished photographingView full post »

Raegan Marie – 1 month!

As my teaser post said last week, my sweet baby niece is 1 month old. Here are some of my favorites from her session&#View full post »

Raegan Marie

On March 11th, I was blessed with a brand new baby niece. She came into this world at a little bit before 1 in theView full post »