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Baby Mikey – 5 month review

I’ve been a very bad aunt of late and haven’t posted all the gorgeous photos i’ve taken of my new babyView full post »

Erika & Ryan: Engaged!

I was so excited when Erika asked me to photographer her and her fiancé. I’ve photographed Erika before and she&#View full post »

My Epiphan!e

Oh. my. goodness. i dont even have words to describe how excited I was when i got the box in the mail. And then when iView full post »

Grace In Small Things, Easter edition

Happy Easter dear readers! I hope you’ve all had a blessed day and spent it with ones you love. SO! its time forView full post »

May Daze

May has been such a crazy month for us! We were in Vegas for the first weekend, then we were in Michigan for my cousinsView full post »

Happy Valentines Day!

Just because i havent posted much lately, I thought i’d post a happy valentines day wish to all of you that decideView full post »

52 weeks of awesomeness – week 1

~Free For All~ So, in an attempt to take pictures outside of work, i’ve decided to try this 52 weeks ofView full post »

Ava, Addison, and Miles too…

My friend, Missy, has the prettiest little girls. I havent photographed them in a while and couldnt believe how big theyView full post »

Swayze Muffin 10.31.09

So i’ve realized that as much as i love my dog.. and as totally cute as he is.. he should make more appearances onView full post »

Halloween 2009

So i know i posted a sneak peek of our halloween the other day but here are all of our costumes.. We had a great time asView full post »

Kara and Pick

Kara is one of my very best and oldest friends.. We’ve been friends for about 13+ years now and have been thru soView full post »

Mandy and Craig as Faye and Andy

So tonight we went to Hardie’s annual halloween party.. and there will be another post with all of our costumesView full post »

Swayze Got a Haircut!

Finally, my muffin got a haircut! LOL For those of you who know me, you know i like to keep swayze with long hair, iView full post »

GNO photoshoot – Faye’s edition

As some of you may know, my monday nights are typically reserved for GNO. GNO nights consist of me, Faye, Mandy (myView full post »

Allie Goes to Homecoming 10.3.09

A couple weeks ago my beautiful niece got all dressed up and beautiful and went to her Homecoming dance. i took all ofView full post »