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    Hi and welcome! I'm jenny (obvi) and i'm so happy you're here. i am a portrait and wedding photographer in columbus, ohio. my absolute favorite thing to photograph is love. couples in love, new mommies and daddies in love with their newest bundle of joy, brides and grooms in love about to walk down the aisle. anything involving love. who doesnt love love, right?

    here on the blog you'll find some of my favorite images from recent sessions and weddings of my clients, family and friends. you'll also probably find some personal posts from our large family get togethers or cute pictures of my dogs. because i love my dogs. a lot.

    so sit back, enjoy. if you see something you like, leave me a comment to let me know. much love!

    << this photo by the amazing bobbi+mike

andrea+doug | Columbus wedding photography

I first met Andrea when she was just a little girl who lived around the corner from us as a friend of my sister’s who I eventually babysat. Fast forward a *few* years and I get a message from Andrea saying she loves following my blog and she can’t wait for her turn. And then, it finally was. I was so happy when I got the email that she’d gotten engaged and was hoping I was available for her wedding photography. I first met Doug at their engagement session and just knew right away these two were meant for each other. You can see how much Doug absolutely adores her whenever he looks at her. And its obvious the feeling is the same with Andrea. Their wedding was at the beautiful Marmelade Lily outside of Cincinnati and we had a beautiful day to work with. Enjoy some highlights from their day! L89A2405L89A2403JBP_8970JBP_9009L89A2408JBP_9063L89A2451JBP_9094L89A2549I was pretty obsessed with this little sweetie. She reminded me so much of our Savvy girl, I kinda wanted to take her home with me. lolL89A2588L89A2603L89A2633JBP_9220JBP_9235JBP_9192JBP_9304JBP_9389JBP_9423L89A2989L89A2998JBP_9562JBP_9640L89A3080JBP_9662JBP_9663L89A3222L89A3243L89A3277L89A3395JBP_9903L89A3355L89A3387JBP_0018JBP_0030L89A3510L89A3512JBP_0087L89A3606JBP_0207L89A3700JBP_0337L89A3751L89A3764JBP_0451L89A3899JBP_0483JBP_0489L89A3942L89A3948L89A3957L89A3995

Andrea and Doug, congrats again! I loved getting to be a part of your special day, it was such an honor to be there! Hope you’re enjoying married life! xxJBZ



And a big HUGE thank you to my partner in crime Megan!! love you! #weareprofessionals


Mandy - Beautiful pictures!!! Congratulations Andrea!! You made such a beautiful bride! So happy for you!! Another gorgeous job by JBZ!!! Love them all!! Even the candid one of them in the photo booth! So cute!

Megan Danser - AHHH!!!! This day was AMAZING!!!! These images are fantastic! I’m in love with their portraits…such a beautiful setting and gorgeous couple! Congrats Doug and Andrea! So much fun working with you JBZ. xoxoxoxoxoxox

Maryann Barnes - Once again Jenny you did an amazing job! Beautiful photos!
Andrea you are a beautiful bride..wishing you all the best!

Sue Cibik - All of the pictures are spectacular! However, the flower girl mid air, must win a prize!

lyla Jane – 10 days | Columbus Ohio Newborn Photography

From the minute I found out about this baby girl I have been so excited about her newborn photography. And she did not disappoint. This sweet girl was a DREAM to photograph. I could go on and on about this adorable baby but I’m really really excited to get this blog posted so I’m just gonna leave you with my favorites from our time together!columbus-oh-newborn-photography-001columbus-oh-newborn-photography-046those sweet little toes! I just wanna nibble them!columbus-oh-newborn-photography-006those cheeks!columbus-oh-newborn-photography-036columbus-oh-newborn-photography-016columbus-oh-newborn-photography-040her rolls are everythingggggg.columbus-oh-newborn-photography-023columbus-oh-newborn-photography-058I got a couple little smiles during our session!columbus-oh-newborn-photography-063columbus-oh-newborn-photography-028christie, you. are. beautiful!columbus-oh-newborn-photography-096columbus-oh-newborn-photography-043columbus-oh-newborn-photography-084columbus-oh-newborn-photography-077

christie and June, she’s so absolutely perfect and I love her to pieces. snuggle her as much as you can while also trying to get some rest! xxJBZ

Megan Danser - Omgeeeee!!! These are presh!! She’s such a little squish! That first one made me melt! Fab job Jenny!! Xoxoxo

The Zink Family | Destination Family Photography

You couldn’t expect me to go on a beach vacation and not do some family beach photos, right? JBP_7947I absolutely adore this photo of my parents in law. JBP_8030JBP_8119JBP_8265JBP_7971JBP_8018JBP_7956JBP_7998JBP_8037savvy wasn’t exactly in the best mood to cooperate during this session which stressed me out a tinge (or a lot). it was hot and everyone was sweating and I just wanted a couple photos of my own little family too. luckily, once we kind of let her do her own thing, we were able to get some. JBP_8173JBP_8201

Lindsay - Aweeee!! These turned out great!!

Shannon Gallatin - Gorgeous family! You are so talented my friend!

Mandy - Ooooooooooohhhhemmmmmmgeeeeeee!!! Love this family!! Such gorgeous pictures! Love them all so much!! 😍😍😍😍

Megan Danser - Ahhhh!!!! This looks like an amazing trip!!! So many great images. I’m sure you guys will treasure these forever. Love love!!

Maryann Barnes - What a beautiful family! Jenny you did a beautiful job capturing the love!💖

lyla jane | dayton, Ohio birth photography

from the minute Christie told me she was pregnant, we started talking about her birth photography and newborn photography. I cried when I found out she was expecting, I cried when I found out baby was a girl (I got to go to that ultrasound, how freaking special was that?!) and of course I was crying buckets of tears behind my camera when baby Lyla made her grand entrance.

Christie was under strict instructions to not have this baby while I was in Florida. With her due date being the 19th, it was a major possibility. But they held on and she made her debut 5 days after I got home. Christie was updating me all week at her appointments so I was on edge and super excited. I got the news that they were going to induce her on Wednesday evening, I went into a frenzy trying to make plans for Savannah and getting my equipment ready to go. At 7 the next morning, she’d only progressed .5cm from the night before. Things were slow going in the morning while I was hanging out with my sister and nephew. Until I got the text from Mama Mary, she’s at 9cm but Lyla’s not quite all the way down yet. I kissed savvy goodbye and ran out the door. About 45 minutes after I arrived, she started pushing and about an hour 45 after that, baby Lyla was finally here at a whopping 9lb 5oz and 21.5in! Christie was so strong and did a great job with Mama and Junior by her side. Being there was such an honor and a privilege, its unlike anything else. Birth photography is not something I will ever take lightly.

The text I got the next morning included: “everyone should have a Jenny in their delivery room”. I’ll never be able to express how much that means to me.

I got to go visit Lyla yesterday and she’s beautiful and perfect and doing well. Mom and Dad are doing a great job with her and I’m so excited to watch this peanut grow! christie, I’m super proud of you, thank you for trusting me, again, with such an important time in your life! xxJBZ


I need to give a super special shout out to my friend and master birth photographer, Mel, who put up with all my questions about timing and whatnot. Without her help, I probably would’ve been sleeping at the hospital and annoying the Ross/Johnson families way longer than I already did. 😉

Mandy - These are all super gorgeous and so emotional! Great job jenny! And congrats to the new parents! Such an exciting time! Welcome baby lyla!!

Megan D - I’m in-looooooove!!!! These are amazing!!! Congrats Christie and Junior. Lyla is perfect! You did such a fab job capturing this jenny. So much emotion!! Great great job. Xoxoxo

Mary Ross - WoW! Looking at these brought happy tears to my eyes! Such wonderful memories to have in pictures! Jenny, you captured so many special moments…. they are priceless! ❤️ Thank you, thank you, thank you! Lots of love! Mary 😘

lindsay+chris | destination maternity photography

meet Linz and chris. its hard to believe its their first official time on my blog but I’ve been dying to photograph them for years. and what better than a destination maternity photography session in Destin, Florida! we got up with the sun and headed to the beach before it got crowded. it was super hot and humid but you wouldn’t know it by looking at these two love birds. And can we talk about how amazingly gorgeous Lindsay is?? she’s still toughing it out at Orange Theory Fitness at 5 am to keep fit thru her pregnancy (and to balance out those m&m breakfasts ;-P). I’ve been so excited for this session since I found out they were expecting and did the math and figured out that she’d have the perfect belly while we were in Destin. I wish I could shoot in Destin allll the time. I’ve shot a wedding and an engagement session down there and was super excited to add this maternity session to the list. And these two made it so easy. Oh, and have I mentioned that Lindsay is my sister’s best friend, so I’ve know her since, well, forever. And I remember the day she came home to beavercreek and told us all about this new guy. who knew, 8 and a half years later, here they are, expecting their first baby.

Enjoy my favorites from our morning together! destination-maternity-photography-057I love love this one. this is exactly how I always picture them, laughing and loving with each other. destination-maternity-photography-047destination-maternity-photography-005destination-maternity-photography-021destination-maternity-photography-013destination-maternity-photography-028destination-maternity-photography-049these two seriously love each other. destination-maternity-photography-019destination-maternity-photography-039destination-maternity-photography-050destination-maternity-photography-063destination-maternity-photography-082linz, you are so beautiful. destination-maternity-photography-088Ending things with my favorite. it would be weird to have this as a canvas up on my wall, right? so, you guys, put this huge on your wall!! destination-maternity-photography-086

linz and chris, I am so so excited for you guys and cannot wait to meet this baby! so close now! I just wish we were closer. I adore you both, duh. xxJBZ

Lindsay Geske - OMG I love them all!! They are amazing! You are amazing! We love you!!

Mandy - Omgeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!! I am obsessed with these!!!! Linz you are so gorgeous and absolutely glowing!!! Chris you look good too:) so incredibly happy for you guys and cannot wait to meet this little peanut! Great job jenny!! These images are so beautiful!!! Xoxox

Megan Danser - LOOOOOOVE!!!!!! Lindsay you look amazing! I LOVE that dress! So excited for you guys! Fab job Jenny. These are fantastic!! xoxoxo