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    Hi and welcome! I'm jenny (obvi) and i'm so happy you're here. i am a portrait and wedding photographer in columbus, ohio. my absolute favorite thing to photograph is love. couples in love, new mommies and daddies in love with their newest bundle of joy, brides and grooms in love about to walk down the aisle. anything involving love. who doesnt love love, right?

    here on the blog you'll find some of my favorite images from recent sessions and weddings of my clients, family and friends. you'll also probably find some personal posts from our large family get togethers or cute pictures of my dogs. because i love my dogs. a lot.

    so sit back, enjoy. if you see something you like, leave me a comment to let me know. much love!

    << this photo by the amazing bobbi+mike

I am one of those…

as it turns out…I am one of those people.. One of those people whom others dont know what to say.. dont know if its okay to bring up Dad or not. One of those people who lost a parent, and its so awful and sad but you can never imagine it happening to you. You wonder vaguely a few weeks later how they are holding up but eventually go on with your life because it wasnt you who had to bury your father who was only 55, with 5 kids and 3 grandchildren. Around the time of the viewing you feel so grateful to still have both of your parents and remember to tell them what they mean to you for a week or two before falling into the same routines. I am now one of those people who, if i look at a picture of dad for longer than 30 seconds, tears well up and unless i stop looking at said picture, a full on sob fest will commence. I am one of those who feels cheated because my dad’s dad lived until he was in his 90’s…90’s! I am one of those who’s grandparents , both sets, were married for 50 plus years and got to see grandchildren and great grandchildren. my parents barely got 35 years! 2 of my nieces will barely remember their grandpa, if at all and any future nieces or nephews will never know him at all and what a great, kind, caring and generous man he was. i am going to say its not fair. i’d scream it from the rooftops if i could. its NOT fair. my mom got cheated out of growing old w her husband. my sister and i got cheated out of getting walked down the aisle with our father. my brothers got cheated out of all the things they couldve learned from my dad. yes, i am not one of those…

Hope you’re looking down on us and we’re making you proud dad… RIP;GTS

Big Girl Morgan

So, on a rare day that a few of us had some time off, Mandy, Jackie, Allie and I took the girls to the Kettering Rec Center.. how much fun! it was so fun watching morgan play in the water and go down the big (little) water slide! This all happened on June 28th.. i’m very behind on my blogging but had to post this!

La Brisa Photography - this is too stinkin cute! 🙂

Grace in Small Things- Monday edition

So I missed out on my normal friday GiST’s post…
1. Permanence
2. get togethers w old friends
3. crying myself to sleep
4. playing with 1, 2, and 3 year old children
5. taking pictures w my siblings:

not undecided - LOL. What a fun group!

Grace in Small Things, Take 3

So, I’m sitting here with the bf, waiting to go to a baseball game and just realized that its again, friday. Keeps sneaking up on me, i tell ya. So, here it is.. the 3rd installment.

1. getting dressed up and getting to go to a wedding to actually enjoy myself without having to worry about anything.
2. dancing at said wedding with a cute boy.
3. Rescue Me. love my trashy tv about firemen.
4. new soft fluffy huge blankets
5. new books, chick lit.

not undecided - You two are adorable!

Grace in Small Things, Take 2

So i just realized its friday… time for another installment..

1.sunglasses. many pairs, in many colors and styles
2. music that doesnt make me cry, or as my boss calls it, angry music
3. sales and specials at VS
4. phone calls to my mom
5. uninterrupted crying