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    Hi and welcome! I'm jenny (obvi) and i'm so happy you're here. i am a portrait and wedding photographer in columbus, ohio. my absolute favorite thing to photograph is love. couples in love, new mommies and daddies in love with their newest bundle of joy, brides and grooms in love about to walk down the aisle. anything involving love. who doesnt love love, right?

    here on the blog you'll find some of my favorite images from recent sessions and weddings of my clients, family and friends. you'll also probably find some personal posts from our large family get togethers or cute pictures of my dogs. because i love my dogs. a lot.

    so sit back, enjoy. if you see something you like, leave me a comment to let me know. much love!

    << this photo by the amazing bobbi+mike

Can we say makeup?!

I had the opportunity to photograph some beautiful girls with some crazy awesome makeup tonight. I took a ton of images and cant wait to post my favorites. But for now.. here is a sneak peak. Enjoy!

Faye Sommer - Ooooooh! These look fun! I can’t wait to see more!

My GNO girls

We had a fun photo shoot for mandy’s birthday, here is the result. Enjoy!

La Brisa Photography - these are really funny! you girls are hilarious!

so one day you ask about uploading pictures and the next you’ve embedded a slideshow? way to go! 🙂

Happy Easter!

Every year on the night before Easter I come over to my parents house and help my mom put together some Easter baskets for me and my siblings. And anyone who knows me, knows there are 2 things i can absolutely not deny… my sweet tooth, and my dog. lol Here are some pics of all the yummy goodies and my little Swayze boy watching us put it all together.
Hope this finds you all well and hopefully celebrating Easter with your family and loved ones, like I am.
Happy Easter!

Mmmm a little chocolate bunny right before he made his way into my  mouth.

Gotta love the toothpaste thrown in for good measure…

Faye Sommer - emmmmmmm!


My favorite soccer star

This morning my mom, younger brother and I traveled up to Medway to watch my oldest niece play soccer.. It was a pretty chilly morning but i love getting to see her in action. Unfortunately they lost this game, but there are many more to come. Here are my fave shots of Als in actions:

Raegan Marie

On March 11th, I was blessed with a brand new baby niece. She came into this world at a little bit before 1 in the afternoon and once again, my cup runneth over. She’s beautiful and perfect and a wonderful little addition to the family. She will be a month old tomorrow and we are doing some more studio pics of her on Tuesday so stay tuned…

PetalsYoga - absolutely precious. I love your photos as well! Welcome to blogging!