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    Hi and welcome! I'm jenny (obvi) and i'm so happy you're here. i am a portrait and wedding photographer in columbus, ohio. my absolute favorite thing to photograph is love. couples in love, new mommies and daddies in love with their newest bundle of joy, brides and grooms in love about to walk down the aisle. anything involving love. who doesnt love love, right?

    here on the blog you'll find some of my favorite images from recent sessions and weddings of my clients, family and friends. you'll also probably find some personal posts from our large family get togethers or cute pictures of my dogs. because i love my dogs. a lot.

    so sit back, enjoy. if you see something you like, leave me a comment to let me know. much love!

    << this photo by the amazing bobbi+mike

The Brown Sisters

I am so behind on posting some of my sessions, I promise i will try to catch up this coming week.. In the meantime, i photographed my friend Casey and her family a couple weeks ago and her and her sister were just so cute so i had to post some of these. As my friend Faye and i always say, we love the laughing ones….

Faye Sommer - awe….what a great series. these are super cute. :O)

Grace in Small Things, take 1

So, taking a cue from my friend and fellow blogger, Amy , I’ve decided to do a weekly post of “Grace in Small Things” hopefully every friday.

1. Raegan’s smiles.
2. hugs from dear friends
3. breakfast with best friends
4. dancing as a form of exercise
5. unlimited verizon to verizon text messages

not undecided - Yay! You'll be so glad you started this! I need the encouragement to keep it up, too. It only takes a few minutes, usually, but I'm not at all used to being so fricking busy yet!

Raegan Marie – 3 months!

Baby Raegan, one of my three gorgeous nieces as you well know, is already 3 months old! She’s at this super cute ultra smiley phase and I had so much fun with her shoot this month. She’s also getting baptized tomorrow so i thought this was perfect timing for me to post her pics. Stay tuned to see her in her Christening gown as you all know I’ll be taking pics in full force tomorrow. I also had to throw in a recent shot of Morgan, because she couldnt miss out on posing for a photo if her little sister was getting all the attention! Enjoy my girls! xoJB

Sheena & Brad 5.16.9

I’m so excited about finally posting these images. Sheena and Brad had such a fun colorful wedding and they, themselves are so fun! Not to mention they are such a cute Barbie and Ken couple! hehe. I had so much fun at this wedding and was totally in love with the bouquets that the girls had. Enjoy some of these images from their wedding. And Sheena and Brad.. congrats again and I wish you nothing but happiness. xoJB

La Brisa Photography - love the bouquet shot! colors just pop!!!

A Vegas Wedding

Stephany and Chad are like the cutest couple ever. They have so much fun together and are always smiling and laughing and goofing off with each other. I am so happy i got to be a part of their Vegas wedding. Not only did i get to see the two of them get hitched, but so many AGD’s were there that i hadnt seen in so so long. Stephany, i couldnt be happier for you and Chad. I wish you both a lifetime of happiness and laughter. And i will make it down to the great state of Texas to visit sometime in the next year! loves you doll! xoJB

Anonymous - I Love your blog!! Thank you so much girl! It made my wedding that all my favorite girls were there!! Love you!!

Melissa - love the photos!!!

Elizabeth (Libby) O'Neill - Hey girl, if you are wondering why I haven't said hi it's because there is not an easy way to email you through your blog…..yet! :)I've been thinking about you! I am sure I will see you soon.