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    Hi and welcome! I'm jenny (obvi) and i'm so happy you're here. i am a portrait and wedding photographer in columbus, ohio. my absolute favorite thing to photograph is love. couples in love, new mommies and daddies in love with their newest bundle of joy, brides and grooms in love about to walk down the aisle. anything involving love. who doesnt love love, right?

    here on the blog you'll find some of my favorite images from recent sessions and weddings of my clients, family and friends. you'll also probably find some personal posts from our large family get togethers or cute pictures of my dogs. because i love my dogs. a lot.

    so sit back, enjoy. if you see something you like, leave me a comment to let me know. much love!

    << this photo by the amazing bobbi+mike

Vegas 2009

I love Las Vegas. So when my friend and sorority sister Stephany told me she was getting married and asked if i’d like to spend a weekend in Vegas, i was all over it. And it just so happened that the weekend i was gonna be out there, so was my boyfriend, JJ. So i got to spend some time with a bunch of girls i hadnt seen in years and a few days in one of my favorite places with a cute boy. Here are some of the highlights (my fave pics) from the trip. I will be blogging pics from Steph and Chads wedding next. Enjoy! xoJB

Faye Sommer - That club on the rooftop looks like so much fun and I LOVE your dress!!!

Laura & Keith 5.2.09

Its taken me so so long to get to posting some images from Keith and Laura’s wedding up in Cleveland. These two hold a special place in my heart so I was so honored to get to photograph their wedding and be a part of their special day. I love watching the two of them interact, they are just so full of love for each other. So, at long last, here are some of my favorites from the day…along with one of me with the bride and groom. Congrats again you two. Much love. xoJB

Faye Sommer - I need to make a habit of only stopping here when I have plenty of time to make a comment! LOL.

So here's my comment……

They are such a cute couple! I love the vertical one of them on the beach. looking good jb!!!

Raegan Marie – 2 months!

So i’m so late it posting beautiful baby Raegans two month pics that even tonight, i just finished photographing her 3 month photos! Make sure to check back for those because she sure is a cutie. She’s also got her baptism coming up this sunday and i’m sure there will be plenty of photos of her and the family from that event. So for tonight, i leave you with a few of my favorites from her shoot from last month. Enjoy her sweet smile. xoJB


So, as many of you may have noticed, I’ve been way behind on blogging. Well, unfortunately, my dad passed away on May 27th. He had been in the hospital about two and a half weeks. It was very sudden and shocking. We didnt have a whole lot of time to get used to him being sick before he was taken from us. We had his funeral last week. Its still hard to believe that he’s really gone. Rest in Peace, Dad. We love and miss you. September 25, 1953-May 27, 2009. xoJB

not undecided - Aw Jen. This is so beautiful – I'm totally crying over here. I'm so sorry for your loss…he must have always been and always will be so proud to have you for a daughter. You really do have a way with words…so enhanced by the lovely images. Smooches.

Jennifer Cales - This is so beautiful Jenny you did an awesome job in this tribute to your dad. You're an excellent photographer and I love looking at your pictures. It's awesome that you have this so you can look at all the wonderful memories.

Keith and Laura.. sneak peek

My good friend Keith from college (OSU baby!) got married to his angel Laura this weekend! They are such a sweet couple and so very much in love. They’ve been through so much together and there were definitely a lot of tears and emotion in Cleveland this weekend. They will be on their way to Hawaii tomorrow for their honeymoon and then its back to their life in Seattle. Here is just a quick sneak peek from their wedding! Check back for more later!