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    Hi and welcome! I'm jenny (obvi) and i'm so happy you're here. i am a portrait and wedding photographer in columbus, ohio. my absolute favorite thing to photograph is love. couples in love, new mommies and daddies in love with their newest bundle of joy, brides and grooms in love about to walk down the aisle. anything involving love. who doesnt love love, right?

    here on the blog you'll find some of my favorite images from recent sessions and weddings of my clients, family and friends. you'll also probably find some personal posts from our large family get togethers or cute pictures of my dogs. because i love my dogs. a lot.

    so sit back, enjoy. if you see something you like, leave me a comment to let me know. much love!

    << this photo by the amazing bobbi+mike

diana+jim | Dayton, Ohio Wedding Photography

I have been sooooo excited to show you these images from Jim and Diana’s wedding!!! I’ve known Diana for a few years now, since I did her senior photos back when I was working in beavercreek. Her dad was also my favorite 5th grade teacher. I was over the moon excited for Diana when I got the email that she was engaged and wanted me to photograph her wedding. Oh how I love love love hearing that. I knew it would be a wonderful and fun day. The Fleck family is one of the sweetest you’ll ever meet, and after getting to know them on the wedding day, so are the Leskos! Jim and Diana are so perfect for each other, he loves her so much. Its so evident in how he looks at her. columbus-oh-wedding-photography001columbus-oh-wedding-photography002columbus-oh-wedding-photography003wedding tip! ladies, if you have buttons up the back of your gown, bring a crochet needle/hook to help with all those tiny loops!columbus-oh-wedding-photography006diana. you. are. GORGEOUS!columbus-oh-wedding-photography007columbus-oh-wedding-photography008meanwhile, over in the boys’ room…columbus-oh-wedding-photography004
columbus-oh-wedding-photography005columbus-oh-wedding-photography010columbus-oh-wedding-photography009columbus-oh-wedding-photography011columbus-oh-wedding-photography012diana has the best laugh, its super contagious. if you know diana, can’t you just hear her laughing here? ((Big huge thanks to my girl Faye Sommer for spending this day with me and helping me be in two places at once!))columbus-oh-wedding-photography013columbus-oh-wedding-photography014columbus-oh-wedding-photography015columbus-oh-wedding-photography016columbus-oh-wedding-photography017Furst Florist did their flowers. Its been so long since I’ve done a wedding with Loann and as always, she did a beautiful job! If you’re in Dayton and need flowers, definitely check Furst out!columbus-oh-wedding-photography018columbus-oh-wedding-photography019columbus-oh-wedding-photography020columbus-oh-wedding-photography021columbus-oh-wedding-photography022columbus-oh-wedding-photography023columbus-oh-wedding-photography024columbus-oh-wedding-photography025columbus-oh-wedding-photography026wedding time!!columbus-oh-wedding-photography027Married!! columbus-oh-wedding-photography028columbus-oh-wedding-photography029columbus-oh-wedding-photography030columbus-oh-wedding-photography031columbus-oh-wedding-photography032columbus-oh-wedding-photography033columbus-oh-wedding-photography034columbus-oh-wedding-photography035columbus-oh-wedding-photography036columbus-oh-wedding-photography037columbus-oh-wedding-photography038columbus-oh-wedding-photography039These two had fun dancing until the very end. columbus-oh-wedding-photography040columbus-oh-wedding-photography041

diana and jim, another big huge congrats to you two. your wedding was so fun and so beautiful. I hope you had a blast on your honeymoon and I wish you so many years of happiness!! you know I adore you and you better call me when its time for baby photos! big big love! xxJBZ

Faye - Oh Jenny these turned out AMAZING! Because you rock AND because it was one of the most fun weddings ever with such an awesome bride and groom! Diana and Jim congrats and best wishes!

Karen Lesko - I absolutely love these pictures!

Megan Danser - Jenny I looooooove these!!!! Gorgeous images from a beautiful day. Their portraits and details are my fave. And the getting ready photos. And that last one! Fab job as always! xoxox

chasity+kevin+kaleb+kiptyn | Dayton, Ohio Newborn Photography

Another sweet tiny peanut!! I’m so lucky that people continue to trust me to photograph some of the first moments of their newborns lives. I always love getting to cuddle the babies, of course, but I know how treasured these images will be in years to come. These sweet newborn babies grow so fast, even those we all wish they would stay tiny for much longer. Baby Kiptyn was an absolute joy. So sweet and soft and perfect. And mom and dad sure are smitten with him. Even big brother Kaleb wanted his turn to hold his perfect new little brother. Enjoy some of my favorites from my time with this sweet family! columbus-oh-newborn-photography-010columbus-oh-newborn-photography-015columbus-oh-newborn-photography-020columbus-oh-newborn-photography-023those lips!!! columbus-oh-newborn-photography-028I asked Chasity, don’t you just sit and stare at him all day? Yes. How could you not?!columbus-oh-newborn-photography-032When it was time for baby K to eat, I took big brother K and daddy outside to get a few images of them together. columbus-oh-newborn-photography-046I love a little profile shot.. and that little smile. Melt! columbus-oh-newborn-photography-053columbus-oh-newborn-photography-063columbus-oh-newborn-photography-094columbus-oh-newborn-photography-102tiny fingers and toes just melt me. columbus-oh-newborn-photography-115columbus-oh-newborn-photography-118

you guys, congrats again, he is so perfect. I had so much fun spending the afternoon with you. I hope everyone is getting some rest and you’re enjoying every single minute with that sweet baby! Big love!! xxJBZ

hannah+andy+baby | Columbus maternity photography

meet hannah and andy. this is their first time here on the blog (well, technically they were part of a wedding party but this is their first time here solo!). they are one of the sweeeeeetest couples I’ve ever met. as I said on Facebook, I met andy a *few* years ago when I shot his senior photos. from there, I continued to hope their mom would adopt me into their fun family. I had the pleasure of photographing Andy’s three younger siblings and a couple years ago I got to photograph his sisters wedding! to say I adore this family is quite the understatement. when I found out they were expecting, I was as excited as any big sister would be. this baby is joining one of the best families in the world and is already SO loved. And these two, well, the way they love each other is inspiring. Here’s some of my faves from our time together. columbus-oh-maternity-photography-032columbus-oh-maternity-photography-034columbus-oh-maternity-photography-035columbus-oh-maternity-photography-037columbus-oh-maternity-photography-004columbus-oh-maternity-photography-013columbus-oh-maternity-photography-017columbus-oh-maternity-photography-026oh hannah… you. are. stunning. and pregnancy sure does suit you.


hannah and andy, you guys are going to be the BEST parents!! I’m so so happy for you and I hope I get to meet and love on that sweet baby when he decides to arrive! big big love my friends. xxJBZ

Christie Ross- Johnson - Srsly. THESE ARE TO DIE FOR. Everything about them. They’re perfect. I love them so much, AND CANT WAIT TO MEET MY NEPHEW!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love you, JBZ! You’re amazing.

Megan D - These are gorrrrrrgeous!!! This mama is glowing!!! Love every single one. They look so so happy. Can’t wait to see this little baby! Congrats! Fourth down is my favorite! Perfect portraits Jenny. As ALWAYS!!! oxoxo

Mary Ross - Absolutely beautiful! Fourth one down is my favorite as well! You captured their happiness, love, and excitement in all the pictures! ❤️ Thank you, thank you, thank you! Mama Ross 😘

Tina Thomas - I was there when Mary,s kids were born and their babysitter I love this family so so much the pictures are wonderful and they will be great parents just like Steve and Mary are ❤️

Russell – 10 days new | Dayton Ohio Newborn Photography » Jenny Barnes Photography - […] you guys… this family. I could say so much, and I have, when I posted their adorable maternity session. I just love them so much. I cried when I got the news that baby Russ had arrived, tiny and […]

lauren+steve+henry+baby | columbus ohio family photography

I have been lucky enough to photograph this sweet family a handful of times now. Steve and Lauren are two of the sweetest people you’ll ever meet and little henry is an absolute joy. and so dang cute! i am so excited that this sweet family will be adding a little baby GIRL to their family soon!! These two littles will be just under two years apart so it will be fun to watch them grow and see how close they will be. I’m also just way excited to photograph another newborn! Give me a llllllll the babies! And especially excited for a girl. I have lots of boys coming up and i think this little one will be my only girl for a while.

here are a few of my favorites from my time w the B family. check back in a few weeks for their newest addition!!
columbus-oh-family-photography-009columbus-oh-family-photography-008columbus-oh-family-photography-041columbus-oh-family-photography-013columbus-oh-family-photography-016i mean, henry really is the sweetest little guy!columbus-oh-family-photography-029pure joy. columbus-oh-family-photography-047columbus-oh-family-photography-032columbus-oh-family-photography-048columbus-oh-family-photography-058and can we talk about how good lauren looks?! you. are. beautiful. columbus-oh-family-photography-052

you guys!! you know i adore you! thanks for allowing me to capture these moments for you. i cannot wait to meet your little angel!! xxJBZ

John Robert | 6 days new | Columbus Newborn Photography

Oh my heart!! (and my ovaries, lol!) Newborn photography has always been one of my favorites, and its even better when new mommy and daddy are friends! I’ve been SO excited for baby Johnny to arrive. Not only to photograph the little peanut but to get those baby snuggles in! He seemed so tiny compared to my Savvy girl who isn’t exactly the biggest baby anyways. I could’ve stayed and just cuddled and loved on this precious boy all day. I can’t wait to go back and see him again! Enjoy some of my favorites from his session!


oh hello bright eyes!columbus-oh-newborn-photography-006columbus-oh-newborn-photography-014love this big baby yawn. the sweetest!columbus-oh-newborn-photography-092columbus-oh-newborn-photography-023columbus-oh-newborn-photography-094columbus-oh-newborn-photography-042columbus-oh-newborn-photography-083columbus-oh-newborn-photography-053columbus-oh-newborn-photography-054columbus-oh-newborn-photography-064columbus-oh-newborn-photography-090columbus-oh-newborn-photography-097columbus-oh-newborn-photography-113columbus-oh-newborn-photography-086

i’m just so smitten with this sweet boy and i can’t wait for him and savvy to become friends. kara and rob, you guys did good! he’s so perfect! i love him! and you know i adore you guys! see you soon! xxJBZ


i put together a little slideshow video for them just because. **disclaimer: i am a way better photographer than videographer. total amateur hour when it comes to video!

Kay Marshall - Wow! These are gorgeous! Do I have a wall big enough to display all the great pictures? Grandma Kay